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Community Education & Outreach

We are proud to partner with our local community to support educational conferences, seminars, symposiums and workshops.

The HIV Institute hosts events designed to address pressing educational and/or training needs in San Diego County. With support from generous sponsors, we are able to facilitate a community exchange featuring experts in the field, designed to strengthen our local HIV care continuum.

As part of our commitment to education and our community, The HIV Institute partners with UC San Diego Health’s Government and Community Affairs to maintain an HIV/AIDS Speakers Bureau comprised of subject matter experts. Speakers are listed by area of expertise and are available to speak at no charge. For more information, click here.

Additionally, several of our programs provide a variety of educational opportunities such as the HIV University. This educational program offers courses throughout San Diego County. The program is free, open to everyone in the community and includes the following workshops:

HIV 101: This "basics" class reviews national and international HIV statistics, explains how the virus is passed from one person to another, describes the life cycle of the virus, and provides an overview of HIV treatment options.

Antivirals for Starters: An HIV specialist from UC San Diego explains the types of medications currently available, the importance of adherence, and how medications work in the body. This class is ideal for treatment advocates and those preparing to start antiviral therapy.

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