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Test and treat

UC San Diego AIDS Research Institute affiliates that provide testing and treatment for HIV/AIDS

The Early Test is a collaboration between the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency and the UC San Diego AntiViral Research Center. The Early Test offers free HIV testing as early as one week after a potential exposure. The Early Test also detects hepatitis C infection. Early detection of hepatitis C is helpful because treatment options and outcomes vary depending on the stage of infection.

The Lead the Way program opened in Spring 2011 to ask residents in San Diego zip codes 92103 and 92104 if they would take an HIV test. It's that simple: yes or no. Those who say yes are offered a rapid HIV test right away for free (results available in about 10 minutes). Those who say no are asked why not in a confidential, anonymous survey.

The UCSD Mother, Child, and Adolescent HIV Program provides comprehensive, family-centered HIV care to women, children and youth. A multidisciplinary team of HIV specialists provides medical care, clinical research trials, patient education, counseling, case management, peer advocacy, and community education.

The Owen Clinic, established in 1982, and directed by W. Christopher Mathews, MD, is a multidisciplinary primary care clinic for adults with HIV infection. The clinic currently cares for more than 3000 patients with support of the Ryan White Care Act. The Owen Clinic Database (an electronic point-of-care medical record that uses a constrained vocabulary and electronically downloads the majority of laboratory test information), has proven to be invaluable for epidemiological and clinical investigation.  The Database includes longitudinal data on more than 8000 patients. The Owen Clinic is also the home of the San Diego AIDS Education and Training Center (AETC).

The VA San Diego Health Care System provides a Special Infectious Disease Clinic that has treated more than 2300 veterans for HIV infection since the mid-1980s. Approximately 650 veterans are currently receiving care. The Special ID clinic, in combination with UCSD's Owen Clinic, provide the majority of HIV-related care in the San Diego area.