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The UC San Diego AIDS Research Institute is supported entirely through personal, foundation and business contributions. We receive no state or federal funding. Email to find out how YOU can help stop HIV/AIDS!

Why your support matters

As an Organized Research Unit of the University of California, San Diego, the AIDS Research Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization. The ARI serves as the umbrella organization for more than a dozen HIV/AIDS research and care programs at UC San Diego.

  • We promote the exchange of scientific and clinical knowledge among our researchers and the San Diego community.
  • We help our scientists raise funds to purchase essential equipment and supplies.
  • We publish newsletters and sponsor training seminars.
  • And . . .

  • We receive no funding from the University, the state of California, or the federal government to fulfill our mission.
  • Donations are our sole source of funding. Your financial support is vitally important.
  • Please take a moment to  check out some of our amazing supporters below:

    ARI Allies

    AIDS Research Institute Allies have given greater than $5000 and/or funded specific ARI projects:

    The James B. Pendleton Charitable Trust

    As of 2014, over $1 million in laboratory equipment has been purchased by the trust!


    The Campbell Foundation

    Janssen Therapeutics

    The McCarthy Family Foundation

    San Diego Human Dignity Foundation

    Sempra Employee Giving Network

    The San Diego LGBT Center/AIDS Walk San Diego

    ARI Donors

    AIDS Research Institute Donors have contributed $1000 to $4999 toward HIV/AIDS programs through the ARI:

    San Diego LGBT Pride

    The Charles and Mildred Schnurmacher Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Otis Stokes

    Companies for a cure

    Companies for a Cure donors are committed to a yearly pledge of $500  to $999 to fight HIV/AIDS through research:

    Merrill Lynch Wealth Management - With a special "Thank You" to Doug McPherson of the McPherson Ridgeway Group and spouse, Ron Comparato

    Modern Health Pharmacy

    100(2) header

    Our 100(2) donors commit to $100 or more a year to fight HIV/AIDS:

    Dr. David Looney   Dr. Walter Schafer   Mr. Ian Morton

    Mr. Paul Tagliaferri   Ms. Debra Kain

    Mr. Jeffrey Alexander  Mr Michael Friedberg

    20 for 20 2014

    Our 2014 campaign challenges individuals to donate $20 or more to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the UC San Diego Center for AIDS Research and benefit the ARI Emerging Investigator Fund:

    Mr. Stu Schwartz - $50  Mr. Joseph Leahy - $25

    Mr. Andy Kaytes- $20  Mr. Jim Dunn - $20

    Dr. Adam Zweig - $20  Ms. Elizabeth Brosnan - $20

    Mr. Paul Esch - $40  Mr. Tim Kelehan - $20

    Mr. Tim McKnight - $40  Ms. Lila Olix - $20

    Mr. Donald Palmer - $20  Mr. Tom Carlstrom - $20

    Mr. Robert Gleason - $50  Mr. Michael Metzger - $20

    Mr. Dan Vaci - $25  Ms. Jill Blumenthal - $25

    Ms. Karen Blumenthal - $50  Mr. Ethan Brown - $20

    Ms. Deborah Grishman - $50  Mr. Jacob James - $100

    Mr. Benjamin Winnick - $20  Ms. Ruth Covell - $20

    Ms. Terrie Vorono - $20  Ms. Dorothy Sears Banks - $20

    Mr. Michael Sparaco - $20  Mr. Charles Bullock - $25

    Mr. Kenneth Tomory - $50